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Hi! I'm Miquel Farreras Barceló

Joined in May 2020

I'm Miquel, professional captain 1600 G T, STCW. Yachtmaster offshore PPR, Fire fighting advanced, SMSSM/GMDSS Radio operator, Passenger boats, Rescue Boats fast and another non-fast certificate, ship's protection office, Advanced medical aids. Your safety and health at sea are in good hands. Born and raised in Barcelona, Sailing from 1992, over 50.000 navigated miles, I have sailed in the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean, private boats, also passenger ships and charter boats. My mission: - To be eco-sustainable - Inspire creativity, passion, optimism, and fun - Refresh the world. - Inspire moments of optimism and unforgettable happiness. - Create fun and make a difference. Owning and skippering my boat is a plus of confidence and competitiveness in pricing. No doubt I will provide the best sailing experience in Barcelona. Join me

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