Santa Maria Manuela

A sailing voyage, 80-year-old Santa Maria Manuela

Having set sail on the 10th of May 1937, this sailing voyage ship has had a long history behind her. Starting as a fishing ship between Newfoundland, Greenland, and Portugal, where she is from and where she holds her home port.

Santa Maria Manuela was part of the White Fleet – a group of cod-fishing ships that painted their hulls white to avoid being attacked during the II World War times. Hence the white color still nowadays, which actually looks very modern!

What is the experience like on this sailing voyage ship?

Despite the age number that Santa Maria Manuela has, she provides one of the best comfort levels among the tall ships that are on waters today, along with different activities.

Since being renovated in 2018, each cabin has an en-suite private shower and toilet, combined with a bunk bed and a curtain for extra privacy, if sharing one. Rooms are basic but comfortable and practical. Besides that, the ship even has WiFi, so you can share your amazing trip with others and work if needed.

Now, enough of the boring stuff.

It is more exciting to know that you can do a lot of different things on the ship during the voyages. It has been said that there is a varied schedule but no-followed itinerary. The range of activities can go from aiding the sailing crew up and training programs up to paddle boarding and fishing. Regular cruise ships cannot compete with that!
During the voyages, the skipper will always be aiming to capture the best waves of the sea along with good weather and dreamy places to lay the anchor down.

Last, but definitely not the least important part – food.
The food hall of the Santa Maria Manuela can offer places for 42 people. Food is a big part of the whole voyage experience. The ships’ cook makes a variety of traditional and international dishes. This is a unique chance to try Cod, for which this boat was originally built for!

Where does Santa Maria Manuela sail?

Here you can see a map with indicators, where she has already been. This gives a good overview, about the seas she sails.

We can see quite clearly from the map that she spends most of her time sailing in Europe and in the Atlantic ocean. Therefore, sometimes sailing calmer and quieter seas, sometimes it’s the other way around.

Most often their amazing sea voyages begin from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. Often the destinations are like Madeira and Azores, both very exotic locations!
The cruises can last anywhere between 1 to 14 days and of course, the price depends on that.

For those of you, who are looking for something out of the ordinary cruises that are available on the market today, this is definitely an option that you should consider. Most noteworthy being the experience and the rawness you will get from it.

See more information about Santa Maria Manuela here.

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