10 luxury yachts in 2020 that catch eyes

From heliports to tennis courts, movie theaters and all kinds of details for the most demanding. I will introduce you to the 10 luxury yachts in 2020 that will catch eyes.
The world of sailing aboard a yacht offers infinite possibilities only suitable for the pockets of a privileged few. As with catwalk trends, they also succumb to fashion, both in terms of design and performance. Proposals that have been seen in the international salons and in the VIP vacations that we collect below. Stay with their names, because you will surely see more than one next summer in the waters of Ibiza.

Here are the 10 luxury yachts that catch eyes in 2020:


Experts say this is the first LIFE boat, which stands for environmentally friendly, stylish, innovatively designed and fuel-efficient. – © Columbus Yacht

Flying fox

Its curvilinear and extraordinary exterior design complemented by its charcoal gray hull makes it a unique boat. In addition to having 11 cabins with a terrace, it has 2 heliports, a 12-meter-long swimming pool and a SPA of more than 400 square meters. There is nothing. – © Imperial Yacht


It has 80 meters in length and all kinds of luxuries ranging from spacious cabins to swimming pools. It also SPAs and even a disco hall that has nothing to envy to beach clubs. – © Columbus Yacht

Art Vector

At first glance, nobody would be able to guess that it is a yacht since its design simulates that of a mansion with minimalist architecture. This boat built by the Dutch firm Waterstudio moves slowly at a speed of 6 knots so that those staying inside enjoy the most exclusive panoramic views. – © Arc Vector Miami Arkup


Don’t let the sober design of its exterior fool you, the interior is inspired by nothing more and nothing less than the old Parisian palaces. It has a SPA, gym, swimming pool, several heliports and all kinds of captivating details in its cabins: from silk sheets to chandeliers. It will delight those who seek ostentation at its best. – © Moran Yacht & Ship

Ritz Carlton

Although it is not yet finished – it is estimated that it can be used next summer – it already has a waiting list. Each yacht will feature 149 suites, each with its own private terrace, and will accommodate up to 298 guests in a relaxed and elegant setting. As with The Ritz-Carlton ashore, each yacht will feature personalized service, elevated meals, and luxurious amenities. – © Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection

Mad Summer

It was built on request to the real estate magnate Jeffrey Soffer and is priced at 1.25 million euros per week. As it could not be less, it also includes a heliport and numerous swimming pools and SPA’s. – © Moran Yacht & Ship


Its gold-plated design does not go unnoticed, and this yacht, whose weekly rental is around 250,000 euros, is only suitable for the most exclusive pockets. It is 48 meters long and 11 meters wide, a real gem. If you are interested in sailing on it, you should know that it departs from Toulon, in the south of France. – © Yacht Charter Fleet


A futuristic aesthetic model that will delight those looking for an unforgettable experience. At 115 meters long, it has a gym, 5 decks, a beauty and massage salon, a yoga center and a spectacular swimming pool with a waterfall. The best? The large windows give the feeling of being submerged like a fish in the water. – © Monaco Yacht Show

Bugatti Niniette 66

The prestigious car house has replicated the design of one of its models – specifically the Chiron – in a yacht version. We are facing one of the most exclusive in the world since it only has 66 copies that are made to order. Inside, leather, marble and carbon fiber shape each space, a whole ‘toy’ for design lovers. – © Bugatti

Hope you enjoyed this read about the 10 luxury yachts that catch eyes in 2020.

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